BPO Summer Nights

Andrew and I enjoyed a concert last night at Knox Park, in East Aurora, put on by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  They do a few free outdoor concerts each summer, which serve as fundraisers and a way to bring culture the those who wouldn’t otherwise attend.

The selections were mainly from major motion pictures–from ‘Jaws’ to Pixar’s ‘Up’–which I enjoy the most.  It’s neat to recognize the themes from Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park.

We’d stumbled upon the BPO performing in a park last summer in South Buffalo (while we lived at the hotel) while out on a walk with Hadrian.  Obviously, we were really kicking ourselves that we hadn’t known about it earlier.

Well, this time we were prepared!  (Love the new shirt, by the way.  Thanks, Mom!)

I was feeling very bourgeois and so brought a baguette, salami and special strawberry chardonnay cheese (for me, obviously), along with a selection of veggies and hummus, cherries and a little angel food cake (for Andrew).  We had wine to drink, and it was wonderful.

I was in a quandary; do I bring the wine bottle or not?  I didn’t; I poured about half into a smaller container and packed all the food in Tupperware.  I shouldn’t have stressed; there were more people there with wine bottles than you would believe.  Bourgeois indeed!

But oh, to have had a cute little picnic basket (or at least the innards of one; I have a beautiful market basket I used) and a way to have kept just one bottle cold–do they make single-bottle “wraps” or something to chill a bottle?  I settled for Tupperware, which may not have been uber-classy, but served the purpose and provided a stress-free transport.

It was a beautiful night, and we ended up randomly finding some of Andrew’s co-workers in the crowd, and so sat with them, which was nice.  The weather was perfect, parking was effortless (for the most part) and the music well chosen.  If we had ended our night here, it would have been a success.

But no, we embarked on the biggest dichotomy (good word, thanks Ben!) of all; we packed up our wine and cheese and headed with Andrew’s friends to the Wales Center Hotel…you don’t have to drive far outside of East Aurora to get to hickville.  Let’s just say Julie’s cute yoga outfit was “overdressing,” let alone Andrew’s button-up, linen shorts and sandals.  We weren’t in Kansas anymore…  It was all-you-can-eat wing night there, the girls’ softball team was raising money and us girls managed to drag out a game of pool WAY longer than it needed to be.  Hey, at least the wings were good!

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