happy summer to me

Good morning and happy summer!

Just finished my last test for Nutrition 102! If only all my classes could be completed while still in my jammies and seated comfortably at my desk at home… Sigh.

Hurray for finally getting to experience true summer freedom! For a month at least; I’m sure on e we close on the house I’ll be in hyper-drive to get it all set-up before REAL school starts up again in the fall. But that’s the GOOD kind of busy; the kind I’ve been longing for for more than a year now.
My reward today for finishing up school: cleaning out my closet and switching my winter clothes for summer clothes! (Only someone as into organization as me would understand…) I might even skip the gym I’m so excited about it! I’ve been waiting to cross that off my list now for weeks.
Side note: Victory! When I thought about a reward just now for finishing school, I didn’t think of food! Hurray! (And yay for beginning the purge-and-organize prep for moving!)

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