Well, almost.

I just had MY LAST CLASS of the semester; all that stands between me and summer vacation is a quiz (who does that?!) and the FINAL.  This weekend = massive amounts of studying.

Look!  It’s a lunchable:

My mom never bought those for us as kids (she was far too healthy for that–I swear I was the first kid ever to eat brown rice and whole-wheat pancakes…), and now I can only thank her for it 🙂

Sahlen’s ham from Wegmans, 1.5 slices light swiss cheese, an apricot fruit cup packed in juice (total impulse buy) and no-salt-added vegetable juice (another impulse purchase).  It’s a light lunch; I’m headed out to East Aurora to run an errand and then get some coffee at Firefly Cupcakes (french press!) and take advantage of the quiet atmosphere for some studying.  When I need a snack (and change of scenery!), I think I’ll head over to Taste, since they have healthier options on their menu…

Not that I don’t like cupcakes, Wendy!  But, this Bible study is teaching me to tame my sweet tooth…  (If I lose all resolve and a cupcake JUST CALLS TO ME, I’ll just eat half.)

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