don’t touch my fridge :)

You know how people always talk about how their leftovers get pushed to the very back of the fridge and then, weeks later, they have science projects to dispose of?  (Being in Microbiology right now, I’m getting more than my fair share of disgusting stories and germ information–part fascinating, part gross.)

Anyway, about the fridge.  No, I don’t ‘lose’ things in the fridge.  EVER.  As in, NEVER EVER.  Let’s just say the fridge (as I learned when having to share with Heather when she lived with me for a month–love you, dear!), is one of the things I’m pretty OCD about.

It’s my space, you know?

I know where everything is at any point in time.  And how much is left.  Everything has a spot. There is a spot for everything.  If there isn’t room, I make room in the right area.  Go ahead, ask me exactly what brand of soy sauce/milk/lime juice, where they are in the fridge and exactly how much is left in the container…  I can tell you.  Because I’m that weird.

But, again, it’s my thing.  I like a tidy fridge.  No crumbs, no spills.  Everything organized and easy to find.  I use good Tupperware or glass containers, preferably see-through and stain-resistant.  When we have leftovers, I feel a little “on-edge” until they are gone.  I don’t want to waste them.  I don’t want them to go bad.  Andrew probably wonders why I’m always pushing leftovers on him all the time…  They must disappear from the fridge in a timely manner!  They bother me.  They haunt me until they are gone.

So, no, these ‘science projects’ people speak of?  No clue.

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