a list

…because I need to get it all out of my head and onto the page.

1.  I have become a first-rate procrastinator on certain things: Chem homework, test studying and article-writing.  I blame Andrew for this.

2.  I have my first Microbiology test this week and EVERYONE is freaked out.  There is a ton of material and while the best way for me to study is to re-write my notes, I couldn’t bring myself to make a study sheet.  I think all my note-writing from last semester burned me out.

3.  I have been playing WAY TOO MUCH and not doing enough studying.  I mean, do I still do more than the average student?  Maybe, but it’s not nearly enough to keep me comfortable with the material, which is stressing me out.  Big time.  I had such good intentions going into this semester–that I would keep up with Chem–and alll I’ve done is put everything off to do other things.

4.  “Other things” have included baking, cleaning, blogging, cooking, baking, exercising, walking the dog and more baking.  Ever since I discovered what I’d been doing wrong this whole time, I just want to bake!  Bread!  Muffins!  Cookies!  Oatmeal!  Yes, baked oatmeal–I have a recipe on the fridge that’s calling my name.

5.  So, let’s just say this week is already stressing me out (a Micro test, two Chem homeworks due, all Stats due…) and it’s only Tuesday morning.

6.  Add to that a new responsibility with the co-op (sending monthly emails to our member-owners–exciting, but there is a learning curve involved and the timing was such that it’s a bit more rushed than normal), prep for another article for the paper, our new Bible study started last night and we’re having friends over for dinner Thursday night.  Whew!

7.  Oh, and Andrew’s truck wouldn’t start yesterday.  It took me to the gym and back (thankfully!) but pooped out on Andrew when he was warming it up.  A friend of his brought him home last night and they think they diagnosed the problem–the fuel pump.  FANTASTIC.  Fuel pumps are expensive, and whether it’s a DIY or professional job, it isn’t going to be finished today, or tomorrow probably.  The fact that the Layers happen to have an extra vehicle for Andrew to borrow is nothing short of miraculous–the thought of having to add “carting Andrew to and from work” to my schedule this week would send me for a tailspin.

8.  I think I might start swimming again.  Like, swimming for real, on a team.  I’ve always known about Master’s swim teams–they’re usually run through gyms and universities and are for the 18+ crowd–and always kind of thought I’d eventually end up on one.  They attract former high-school and college swimmers and while not terribly competitive, can be pretty hard-core, depending on the ages and abilities of the group.  I joined one, briefly, in Ohio just after getting into the Air Force and was FLOORED by how fast some of the people were (it was a pretty young crowd) and how out of shape I felt in comparison.  I didn’t end up doing much with the team (the practice time didn’t work well with my schedule), but it always nagged at me that I was secretly relieved to not have to push myself.  Well, I think I’m ripe for a workout change and after seeing a flier for the Master’s team forming at the Y, I’m excited at the prospect of doing more swimming.  I swim once a week for 30 minutes and do 1 mile (a 1650, or 66 laps), but I get bored easily and don’t vary the routine a lot.  Swimming is kind of like riding a bike; you don’t “lose” your ability, and age doesn’t really change your performance as long as you’re continuing to work out.  OK, this is getting long.  Bottom line: I think I’m going to join the team (yay!), but that means I have to re-work my whole schedule to fit it all in (running, swimming, weights and some yoga/pilates) while allowing time for school, studying and walking the dog, and being the most efficient use of time and driving, which is seriously stressing me out.  Thankfully, I don’t have to figure it out this week.

9.  I have now moved past the “Oh, I’ll just throw a quick post together before studying” into “Crap!  I’m running out of time to study!” because blogging is a form of procrastination.  But, I can’t study with a million thoughts running through my head, either.

10.  As I said, we started a new Bible Study last night.  I don’t have enough time to go into it right now (got to study!), but I’m excited (I went solo since Andrew was working on his car) and can’t wait for our taco night next Monday!  For now, check out what we’re doing at 40 Days in the Word.

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