school, now and then

I started school today.  One semester down, only SEVEN more to go!

Despite my lack of downtime this winter break (hello three trips in three weeks!), I am ready to start up again.  Finally knowing what I’m passionate about is like knowing who you want to marry; you just want to start RIGHT NOW!  I remember being in college and daydreaming about being married to Andrew.  So many of my friends didn’t understand my ‘rush’ to get married, but I reasoned that since I knew who I wanted to be with, I just wanted to hurry up and be with him!  Being an RD feels like that to me; I can’t wait!  This time, however, I’m trying to enjoy the journey…  I don’t know that I can say the same about getting married.

I had a big blog post about my day of ‘firsts’ (first day of school, first pilates/yoga class at the gym–at least in awhile–first co-op meeting of the new year…), but it’s 10 p.m. and Andrew’s already in bed.  Bottom line: I am no longer worried about statistics; the teacher seems reasonable, fair and more than willing to help.

I’ll leave you with a nugget I’d already put together earlier today…

Here are some photos from the last day of my anatomy lab last semester…  How, in three weeks, I could not find the time to blog about them, I don’t know, but oh well.

I’ll be honest–I’m not really that into dissecting.  And it’s not because I’m a girly-girl, or that I have a weak stomach (although the older I get, the easier I find I get grossed-out).  I think the reason I don’t really care for dissecting, at least in school, is that it just seems to trite and pointless.  I mean, yes, it’s neat to do something different once in awhile and really ‘get your hands dirty.’ But at the end of the day, I’m still just an undergrad and I’m not saving a life, nor will I ever really be.  (Well, as an R.D. I’d like to think that my work is life-saving, but it’s not like I’m studying to be a doctor and I MUST understand the inner workings of a sheep’s brain or someone will die.)

Anyway, we dissected a sheep’s brain and a cow eye, neither of which were all that exciting.  And, in girly-girl fashion, my main concern was not squirting myself with any of the gross ‘juices’ involved and preserving my clothes.

Here’s to another successful semester!

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