lunch at Jeni’s

We’re on the way home from Carmel and we stopped, of course, at Jeni’s in Dublin. Having some first-timers with us this time made it even more fun.

After pointing them out to the handlebar-mustached young guy behind the counter, they were handed samples of Salty Caramel, the most popular flavor.

We all sampled various flavored and made our selections.

I’ve always wanted the ‘One Night in Bangkok” sundae, but have never been able to stand the heat from the cayenne pepper in the peanut ice cream. I gave it another try today and didn’t think it was too bad, probably due to my increased intake of Buffalo wings of late…


The added peanuts, caramel sauce, banana and whipped cream help to tone it down. You even get a fortune cookie! My only regrets: not ‘trying’ Salty Caramel’ and ‘Wildberry Lavender.’ I know what they taste like, but no trip to Jeni’s seems complete without them.

I CORRECTLY predicted that the newbies would be boring and stick to ‘plain’ favors. Indeed, Abigail got a vanilla and chocolate cone, and Carolyn and Ben shared a ‘Mock Turtle’ sundae, which features vanilla with pecans and caramel and chocolate sauces. At least they liked them.


Andrew got a favorite, Whiskey and Pecans, in a fresh-made cone.

On the way out, we spied a leg lamp in a shop window…


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