Slovenian on the way home

We started our trip home this afternoon by filling up for the cheapest price we’ve seen since moving to New York!


Because Andrew got the platter, he also got strudel to share with me!

I got the house schnitzel that featured a mushroom and sour cream sauce. It was divine with potatoes and sauerkraut! (I’m also quite proud of myself; I loaded half of it into a to-go box before digging in!)

He got a three-meat selection with sides; I enjoyed his sauerkraut with my dish.

We split a bottle of Lasko, a Slovenian beer and both had salads before dinner. Andrew chose a ‘family style’ platter, so he got a soup as well.

Thankfully, we were able to spiff up a bit in the car; Andrew added a sweater and I changed into jeans from yoga pants.

If inquiring minds want to know, we did in fact, stop for Jeni’s ice cream in Dublin, as well as some Starbucks. Both of those places get way too much of our money! In addition to the three pints of Graeter’s ice cream we already had in our cooler, I added Jeni’s sweet potato and toasted marshmallow and dark chocolate peppermint varieties. Cannot wait to dig into those!

Around dinner time, Andrew decided it would be an adventure to detour and try the Slovenia place he knew about outside Cleveland.







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