an international morning

Hello Canada!

Emily, Katy and I (and Emily’s med-student husband, Adam) made the trip across the border this morning to get our race packets.  A series of unfortunate events has precluded Emily from running, but she joined us (heck, they drove!) for moral support and to facilitate introductions.  For those who don’t know, Emily is the blogger I found via Kath’s blog and is a dietetic student at Buff State.  Katy is her friend and running the race, too.

Katy (left) and Emily (right) and I did the picture-taking thing after grabbing our goodie bags.  (It’s what you do when you have a blog…)  SO excited about the iPhone!  It took these awesome photos and I didn’t have to drag Andrew’s giant camera with me 🙂

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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