candy corn…what?

Look what I found a week or so ago at Wegmans:

It’s candy corn.  But it’s not.

It’s blackberry cobbler-flavored candy corn!  (They also had apple cinnamon, tangerine orange and caramel flavors.  I personally think it was the blue/purple color that drew me in…)

Genius!  Seriously, whoever thought to give flavor variety to candy corn deserves a medal.  Or to be whacked upside the head…I can’t stop eating it!  All this time candy corn had never been a draw for me.  Ever.  I just never really liked the flavor.  No calories of candy corn to be counted.  No cravings.  No guilt.

Not anymore…now it’s all I can do to just take 2-3 at a time and limit that to a couple times a day.  I know, I know…it’s my own fault.  I went and bought the stuff.  I held out, but then Carolyn went and bought those orange pumpkin candies and I lost all determination.

Oh well, Halloween comes but once a year, right?

And while we’re on the subject of sweets…  My sweet-tooth is OUT OF CONTROL!  Seriously.  It’s like it has reared its ugly head after all those months of counting my calories and has declared victory over both my willpower and cravings…

I’m sure part of it is just this time of year–it’s pumpkin season, which for me means ANY excuse to have a pumpkin-y treat is a good one, because it’s fall and fall only comes once a year (kinda like Halloween, huh?) and the weather (warm cup of coffee with massive amounts of maple-brown-sugar-latte-flavored creamer, anyone?).

Anyway, it is BAD people.  Yesterday, I had SIX cookies.  SIX.

Granted, the first three were my afternoon snack and they were Tate’s, which are paper-thin so you don’t even realize you’ve eaten any until it’s too late.  The last three?  No excuse.  I knew I shouldn’t have walked to the lobby to “check out what they had for dinner” AFTER I had already had dinner.  I discovered WARM, melty chocolate chip cookies and it was all I could do to not take the entire tray back with me!  To top it all off (no pun intended), I added a teeny tiny scoop of ice cream to one when I got back to the room!  Holly, what is wrong with you?!

(And did I mention ANdrew got me a box of Fowler’s chocolates for Sweetest Day?  I’ve been picking at those…  AND I discovered that adding caramel sauce and granola to pumpkin ice cream is an awesome make-at-home-sundae…

Help needs to come soon!

2 thoughts on “candy corn…what?

  1. Wasn’t Andrew out of town? THat explains some of last night! I KNOW I would love the blackberry cobbler-flavored candy corn, thank goodness I have not seen it here! I din’y care for regular candy cord-a blessing! LOL

    Aunt Mary

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