teacher’s pet

I SO am.

But then, does that surprise anyone?

I’m an older, more mature, interested student who sits in the front, doesn’t talk to my neighbor or goof-off, takes good notes and gets good grades (I would say a 91% on a test in which the class average was 65% is pretty good!).  What isn’t to love?

I mean, I was pretty “teacher’s pet-like” in high school too, but not in college the first time.  I think a lot of that was because I was so overwhelmed at Penn State.  Not in a bad way; but being in a class with 800 people certainly makes it hard to make an impression on the teacher.

Anyway…  I’ve hit it off pretty well with my Chemistry teacher–he’s in his mid-thirties (which makes it hard to call him “Mr.”) and runs a winery up in Niagara County with his wife–ever since I came into class about a week into the semester stressing about not understanding everything on the homework, to which he replied:

“We’re not even there yet.”

Silly me, here I was thinking I was behind when we hadn’t even gotten there yet.

My Biology teacher is a soft-spoken Indian man who, I believe, in a Christian.  He’s brilliant and writes novels on the chalkboard–which I then furiously copy into my notebook.  His test was directly from the notes and included minute details; I studied hard and it paid off.  He came up to me after class today and asked me what I was majoring in.  He said I was a ‘good student.’  Awww.

Then, after my Anatomy and Physiology class (which I love, by the way) I went up to ask the teacher a question.  After we chatted, she mentioned that she’d heard people talking about me.  Turns out she shares office space with my Chemistry and Biology teachers; they were remarking about my heavy science courseload and what a good student I am.  She said she chimed in with a “She’s in my class, too!”  AWWWWWWWWW!

I don’t really know what the fuss is about; I’m doing my job to get good grades, which includes studying and listening in class.  I realize, however, that many of ECC’s “traditional” students don’t feel the same way.  I wish I could bottle-up my enthusiasm and force-feed it to the slackers walking the halls.  Teachers the world over would sing my praises.

Guys, I LOVE school.  LOVE.  It’s taken me this long to find my passion, but it’s so worth it.  I love that at least once a day, there is some mention of nutrition in at least one of my classes, if not more.  I love learning and getting smarter.  I love my backpack.  (I do…)  I love that every day I’m closer to doing something with the rest of my life.


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