here’s to multiple choice

Had my first night class tonight–Psych 100.  I am, apparently, one of the only people who DIDN’T take Intro to Psychology in college the first time around.  I did, however, take Sociology 100, as I learned from my transcripts.  (Nope, didn’t remember taking it at all.)

The psych teacher explained to us tonight that because she herself is in her last year of graduate school, she doesn’t have time to read papers.  Therefore, she said, we are the luckiest psych students at ECC, if not all college-dom, because there will be no writing assignments this semester.  The sighs of relief emitted from my classmates was AUDIBLE.

I was, perhaps, the only one in class who was just the tiniest bit disappointed.  Yes, you heard that right.  Disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong; essays and papers and book reports are time-consuming, and time will be in short supply around here for the forseeable future, so I’m not that upset.  But I did feel a slight pang of sadness that the ONE thing I know I’m good at, that I’m totally comfortable with, that I spent my ENTIRE four years of college the first time around doing, will not be a part of the only class it could have been.  I mean, I’m basically taking all science from here on out…

Here’s to all the extra studying I’ll be able to do with all the time I’m going to save NOT writing for psych!

2 thoughts on “here’s to multiple choice

  1. Not to mention that writing is one of the best ways to learn new concepts and apply them. Psych will be an important part of dealing with people when you get your RD. You definitely will learn less (long term) with multiple choice tests!

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