first day of school!

There’s no turning back now!

While I’d love to tell you all about our school-supply shopping experience last night (anti-climactic at best) and the choosing of my outfit and all about this morning, I have NO TIME to chat now (as you can see by my lack of hair and makeup before Andrew left for work!), but will fill everyone in one how my first day went later today!!  I’m really excited and a lot nervous, but confident at the same time.  Maybe this is what growing up is all about…

Bottom line:  must. get. up. earlier. Wednesday.  I got a run in this morning, but only four miles, so I think I’ll need to tweak the schedule a little.  I HATE rushing in the morning.

Wish me luck!

p.s.  I DID do my hair and makeup before I left…just so everyone knows.

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