ice cream sundae, hold the guilt

At last, the long-awaited “congrats-to-me-I-lost-20-pounds” ice cream sundae.

I chose the Reese’s Cup (jr.) Sundae.  Seriously, this is just the JUNIOR.  Can you imagine how big the regular would be???  It was filled with both hot fudge and peanut butter topping, peanut butter ice cream, whipped cream, a cherry and a Reese’s Cup.  Can you tell I like peanut butter?  I do.  And I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had a Reese’s Cup.  A LONG time.

I love this place.  I love that it embodies a bit of a “diner” feel without being kitschy, like Johnny Rocket’s.  It’s a combo ice cream parlor and candy/chocolate shop, not that I ever pay any attention to the candy side.  I’m too busy staring at the list of ice cream flavors…

Love it.

Back to the ice cream.

It was great.  No, it was more than great.  It was FANTASTIC.  And the best part?  No guilt.  Seriously, I enjoyed every bite without a single thought about counting calories, working it off in the morning or fearing regret.  I earned it, gosh darn it!

*Major disclaimer:  I in NO WAY advocate feeling guilty about enjoying splurge-worthy food.  I believe in eating good, whole, healthy food, both high- and low-calorie, and enjoying every bite!  However, I understand that if you’re watching what you’re eating or trying to lose weight, splurges can lead to guilt and regret.  Try not to let them, and remember that tomorrow is a new day!

So yeah, I’m super excited (still) about meeting my goal and going forward from here, sticking to principles of healthy eating, like everything in moderation.  Except this sundae 🙂

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