sweatbands and their ability to see into our souls…

Who knew a simple piece of fabric could cause me to reflect so deeply on running?

While surfing the internet the other day, I saw a sweatband that was emblazoned with the phrase “I love running, I hate running” over and over again.

I immediately identified with it.  All those years in college of huffing behind my best friend and boyfriend (who had both run cross country in high school) told me I wasn’t a ‘real’ runner.  I found no enjoyment in running back then.  I hurriedly put the headband (I’ve been looking for sweatbands for awhile now) in my online shopping cart and selected my fabric color.

Moments later, I thought back to my previous actions.  Did I really still have a love/hate relationship with running?

I thought about it.  I thought some more.  And then it hit me.

No, I didn’t.  I really only love it.  Truly.  Are there mornings I don’t really want to work out?  Sure.  Are there good runs and bad runs?  Of course.  But the nagging feeling of dread that used to haunt me before leaving for a run is gone.  Long gone.  I’m not sure when it left, but it’s nothing more than a distant memory.

I clicked back into my shopping cart and hit ‘remove’ on that particular headband and selected a purple “Will Run for Ice Cream” headband instead.   Because if THAT doesn’t describe me to a “T,” I don’t know what does.  If only it had come in teal…

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