a list

1.  I AM SO HUNGRY.  With all the reading I’ve been doing (my newest cookbooks, my ex-pat-chef-living-in-France-memoirs, Pioneer Woman’s blog, Kath’s blog), I see food at every turn.  With just a few more pounds to go, I MUST control myself!

2.  Why is a cake cone called a cake cone?  It’s not made of cake, or really anything remotely like cake.  In fact, I’ve always thought they tasted like styrofoam.

3.  I called around to local apartment complexes today.  We have about another month here in the hotel, and if by the end of that month we have no solid prospects on a house, we have to get an apartment or house for rent.  It seemed a little dicey as I called place after place and heard they only accepted “small” dogs, or none at all.  However, it looks like there are at least two places that will take all three of us, and one is actually in East Aurora–praise God!

4.  We looked at a house today that is closer in price to $500K than $400K…  I don’t know what we were thinking.  Actually, I take that back.  I know exactly what Andrew was thinking.  He did his homework and found out the house had been for sale for a whole YEAR awhile ago and never sold…which means they’ll take less.  However, our “less” and their “less” are probably two very different numbers.  That, and in seeing the house, (while it was AMAZING) it was really too big for us.

5.  We just had a heat wave here, along with the rest of the country.  The temps soared to mid- to upper-90s and the locals were dying.  While it was definitely warm and uncomfortable, it wasn’t too bad for Andrew and me.  However, one must remember that a lot of people here don’t have a/c, including Andrew’s parents.  Their house was HOT.

6.  Have you heard of that “Dessert Delights” gum?  They have flavors like Key Lime Pie, Orange Dreamsicle and Strawberry Shortcake, all of which I’ve gotten before.  In the Target check-out line today I saw Apple Pie.  I grabbed it immediately.

7.  I’ll be in Phoenix next week with my mom and brother, Aaron, for his Assemblies of God National Youth Fine Arts competition.  I’m excited to see them both and his guitar solo, but I’m also excited to find hole-in-the-wall places to eat.  I love eating at special/famous/local favorites while I’m traveling; I think it’s better than sightseeing.

8.  Andrew’s 10-year high school reunion is this weekend.  I’m super excited.  Going to his reunion is second only to going to MY high school reunion, which is this October.  Let’s just say I’ve been waiting for this for, well, ten years.  In fact, I was actually a little worried that they’d be on the same weekend.  That is so me.

9.  I just ordered two more cookbooks; a smoothie one and an Eastern Mediterranean one.  I’d been eyeing the smoothie one for a bit and thought Andrew would like the other one.  And I had a 60% at The Good Cook.  I found another one to add to my wish list today: Quinoa 365.  Lord help me.

10.  I’m so hungry…did I already say that?

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