a list

1.  Andrew, Alex (Andrew’s friend from high school and also his best man in our wedding) and I are going to “Thursday in the Square” in downtown Buffalo tonight.  Actually, it’s now “Thursday at the Waterfront” since they recently moved it, but that hasn’t caught on yet.

2.  I’m SO CLOSE to my weight-loss goal!  Seriously, like one or two pounds away.  I’m very excited, except that I’m starting to have thoughts like “What about another four to make it an even twenty..”  Twenty sounds so much better than sixteen.  And it’s not like I won’t gain a couple back/fluctuate a few on any given day, so what IS another four?  Is this normal?

3.  I vacuumed out the Pilot today.  YIKES.  Hadrian’s hair was EVERYWHERE.  Must. Vacuum. More. Often.

4.  I’m planning on taking a “field trip” to the big Wegman’s tomorrow.  I call it a field trip because I don’t really need that many items and because I’m really going just to explore (I’ve been before with Andrew’s mom, but never to really ‘take it all in’) and take pictures for the blog (to show all of you, of course!).  I’m going to feel really silly taking pictures at Wegman’s.  Just being honest.

5.  I laid out in my bikini to get some sun today.  (Don’t worry Dad–I COVERED myself in sunscreen!)  I felt like a teenager.

6.  We’re pretty much having a heat wave here–it’s been mid- to upper-80’s for more than two days.

7.  I ran three miles with Hadrian this morning.  He definitely has the energy, but he goes in spurts throughout the run.  One minute I’m yelling “easy!” the next, “come on, buddy.”  I think he likes it, and it definitely wipes him out for awhile, if not the whole day.

8.  Speaking of Hadrian…  We’ve had some drama with his, um, how shall I say it delicately?  “BM’s” is the only thing that comes to mind.  Anyway, since this past Sunday I’ve been mixing up rice, oatmeal, canned pumpkin and peanut butter in different mixtures with his food.  We’re currently switching him to yet ANOTHER dog food to see if it helps the ‘problem.’  All this food mixing does somehow bring me a small sense of fulfillment.

9.  My pinkie is blue, but feels much better.  I still cannot believe Hadrian seriously (relatively speaking) injured both Andrew and myself in the same day.

10.  There is some sort of German festival this Sunday outside East Aurora.  Andrew and I are SO EXCITED.  German food.  German beer.  Good weather.  Festivals.  Life doesn’t get much better.  (OK, maybe ice cream would be a good addition to the list.)

One thought on “a list

  1. wish we were there to go to the german festival with you. we miss you!
    i bet Hadrian likes his people food that you are making for him. what a treat. hope that clears things up. poor guy and you who has to scoop.

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