pancakes, bacon and a new camera technique

In my continuing efforts (a.k.a. obsession) to empty our freezer of the food we brought with us, I decided this weekend would be a great time for pancakes and bacon (the freezer item), and BLT sandwiches, since I had everything on-hand.

We ended up sleeping in on the 4th, obviously much-needed since all three of us made it to 9:30 with just one potty break for the puppy at 6:30, so our breakfast became our lunch.

Of course, just as I was finishing up cooking I realized I should be documenting, so I hurriedly grabbed the camera and started shooting away while flipping the last of the pancakes.  While I was multitasking in the kitchenette, Andrew started eating and offered a tip he’d gleaned from my new photography book, Plate to Pixel.  (I haven’t really even opened it…it’s on my to-do list for this week, I think.)

Anyway, apparently if you hold a napkin (or other lightweight, lightly colored fabric) over the flash it keeps the subject from looking washed-out.  I handed the camera over so I could start eating and he could take some photos.

Here’s the kitchenette, with flash:

Here’s the same shot while holding a napkin over the flash:

It seems to soften it up a bit.

Here’s the rum (yes, RUM) before:

And here it is after:

Much better, although I don’t know if I like how dark/orangey the photo is.  It may also just be our lighting here in the hotel.

(If anyone is wondering why in the world I had rum out for pancakes, it’s because the recipe from The Foster’s Market cookbook calls for it.  They’re called Panama Pancakes and they are, hands down, the best pancakes you’ll ever eat.  Of course, you can sub vanilla extract for the rum if you had to, but the tablespoon it calls for really makes these babies.)

Here’s the rest of the feast:

Some of the bacon got a little crispy since I used my grill pan, but they should be perfect for BLT’s tomorrow night!

SO SO SO glad I brought my skillet.  I really only use it to make pancakes, but it’s perfect for the job.

A not-so-great shot of the infamous Foster’s Market cookbook.  Susy introduced me to the recipe awhile back and after flipping through it I knew I had to have it.  It’s full of fresh food and delicious baked goods.  I made the coconut cake for Easter a couple years ago at Andrew’s grandmother’s house and it was amazing.

And me 🙂  About to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  (I wore the hat to keep the yucky bacon smell from getting into my freshly washed hair.  The whole how-do-I-keep-the-hotel-room-and-myself-from-smelling-like-bacon dilemma had been bothering me for the last couple days and it wasn’t until I was ALREADY IN the shower this morning that I realized I should have made the bacon BEFORE showering…)  No problem:  I had Andrew prop the door open and I had the hood vent going full-blast while I cooked them up.  Only a slight hint of smoke remains…

And, the grand finale…

…a sink full of dirty dishes!

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