sushi newbie

The other night I went to a local Japanese steakhouse for a friend’s goodbye dinner.  I’ve never been a huge hibachi fan (I know, I’m majorly in the minority here); I feel like it’s a lot of show, but come on, it’s all the same.  They all do the steaming volcano of onion rings, the egg toss and fancy knife tricks.  I don’t want to pay more for my teriyaki because someone is lighting things on fire just inches from my plate.  Maybe I just don’t like strangers at my table when I’m out trying to enjoy dinner with someone…

Anyway, ahead of time I decided it would be a great opportunity to order sushi since I don’t go places that have it very often and I’m attempting to broaden my horizons.  I’ve probably had it on only five or six occasions in my life.  I also didn’t work out that day, so I wanted to make sure I had something light for dinner anyway.

Photo courtesy of Nicole

Three of the six of us ordered sushi platters!  I’m still what I’d consider a “sushi newbie,” so if I get any at all, it’s typically just a roll with my dinner.  I figured this might be a good way to just jump right in with both feet!

The wasabi was HOT!  Not that I didn’t know that already…  I usually don’t even touch the stuff, but I figured with all the “non-rolls” (is that what you call those?  sashimi?) on my plate, I’d want a little extra flavor.  Whew, no!  This chick can’t handle wasabi.

Thankfully, my friend Nicole was sitting next to me and is much more knowledgeable about sushi, so she was able to help.  I definitely prefer the rolls that have fish plus an assortment of other things, as opposed to the plain fish on rice.  I ate almost the whole platter and still wasn’t uncomfortably full.  (If I remember correctly, I think Heather and I probably munched on chips and dip when I got home that night, so to heck with the “keeping dinner light” idea.)

Bottom line:  If you haven’t tried sushi yet because you’re freaked out, or you aren’t a big fish-eater to begin with, start with something cooked.  Look for the word “tempura” in the name.  Or shrimp or crab.  You can always just stick with California Rolls (rice-coated pieces with crab and avocado near the top of the plate) for awhile–that’s what I did.  I’ve really gotten a taste for it, although I don’t love it or have to have it that often.

Here’s to my trip to Thai 9 tonight with Heather and her mom!  I’m thinking that because I had a whole platter of sushi a couple days ago, I’ll stick with my usual: Pad Thai ZERO HOT!

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