Maelle is THREE

Less than a week after our July 3rd party, we hosted an even bigger bash for our girl’s third birthday! We were—finally—blessed with sun this year, as her first and second birthday parties were all but rained out! Also, I don’t recommend having TWO large parties in ONE week.

Not to mention we were also hosting my parents at the house, and leaving for a drive down to DC and then spending a week in Cabo (!!!) just a few days later. AND we bought a car in the two days before we left. To say we did too much is an understatement.

As usual, my parents (and some of my best girlfriends!) came to the rescue and helped me pull off this party without a hitch. I served bbq chicken with mom’s sauce, coleslaw, watermelon, pasta salad and chips. Instead of a cake, we had ‘beach’ pudding cups! (Like dirt and worms, but with vanilla pudding, graham crackers and gummy fish! SO CUTE.)

We went with the ‘pool party’ theme again, and I was thrilled to have sunny skies that day! We set up the bounce house, sprinkler, baby pool, sand box and water table–there was something for everyone.

Maelle got this sweet Adirondack chair from her Gram, and my parents gave her the purple scooter she’s been wanting. She’s already riding it dangerously fast!

One family stayed to visit after the party wrapped up, and before we knew it, it was almost time for dinner! Andrew took the kids on a walk so the grownups could handle clean up and dinner-ordering. The kiddos got to eat in front of a movie so the adults could enjoy a peaceful meal outside, and it was the nicest way to end a busy day!

Mom and dad stayed around for a couple days after the party, so Nana joined Maelle and me for a paddle-boarding session in the Outer Harbor. In retrospect, I should have used the time to pack for our trip, as the wind made our venture almost impossible and full of frustration. When we arrived, we should have driven straight to the playground instead! (Insert a big face palm emoji here. #momfail)

We spent an hour on the water, fighting with all our strength both ways! Maelle was getting splashed and didn’t love that–our water up here is COLD. Brrr!

But, at least we got outside to enjoy the sunshine and a picnic lunch by the water.

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